TEXAS REACH OUT MINISTRIES Vision and Fundraising BBQ 2019

TROM's First Annual Fundraiser was a huge success! To date, we've raised over $170,000 towards our goal of $200,000. We've successfully eliminated our mortgage debt and we have hired Eddie Sanders as Director of Men's Services and he starts August 12th. God is good! We had nearly 100 people attend the BBQ and heard many great testimonies about the power and success of this ministry. We are already in the planning process for the 2nd Annual Fundraiser for 2020. Thanks to all who donated and we're confident that our Lord will continue to bless us in our efforts to exceed our target.


 The Ministry is currently in the process of raising $200,000 in 2019. The main goals of the Campaign are as follows:

1. Completion of the 2018 3-Year initiative to satisfy all mortgage debt.  Being mortgage-free will allow the ministry to seek additional housing and expand our outreach.

2. Hiring of a Men’s Director. This is a  critical hire enabling the ministry to implement a Succession Strategy and increase client retention rates.

3. Fund needed maintenance projects in our 8 homes. 

3,000+ men and women are released from prison into the Travis County area every year. 

70% of formerly incarcerated citizens in Texas will return to prison within 3 years of their release.

2000+ men and women have graduated from Texas Reach Out since it opened its doors in 2000.

Each year, 90-100 men and women go through our program. We have a graduation rate of 74%, meaning the participants leave our program working full time, not using drugs/alcohol, have stable housing secured, and have not recommitted a crime.

“If we want to see our community improve we need to improve how we serve the formerly incarcerated.”
— Margie Pena (co-founder of TROM)