Amber's Story

Raised by an alcoholic and addicted father, Amber’s childhood was not easy. Before she graduated high school in 2001, she had started using and becoming addicted to hard drugs.

After a few stints in jail and many probation violations, Amber was court ordered to become part of some type of rehabilitation program.  In March of 2009, Amber went to rehab and knew that she would never turn back to drug use.

While in rehab, Amber was attending church regularly and starting to see the Lord’s plan for her. One of the pastors at her rehabilitation facility told her about Texas Reach Out Ministries. After leaving rehab, she decided to join Texas Reach Out ministries.

At first, she was hesitant about joining a transitional house. She had heard horror stories of sober houses that were very discouraging.

Within minutes of arriving at her assigned Texas Reach Out home, Amber said “everyone welcomed me with open arms”. Texas Reach Out provided Amber with clothes, food, and a bus pass when she initially arrived.

After a month in the program, Amber was hired as a receptionist at a doctor’s office. Within 9 months, Amber already had enough money saved up to buy a car.

Amber was in the program the recommended two years, and then felt like she had established a solid foundation rooted in Jesus Christ. She also had a job, living situation, and a vehicle. When asked about David and Margie Pena, Amber said “I can’t put into words the love that David and Margie show the participants.”

Amber says that “God has built the way for me the entire time. He has always put me in the position to get better, and better, and better.”

Amber is a hard worker; now working as a payroll and HR specialist for a large company. She recently bought her own house and continues to trust in the path that God built for her. She says her faith is stronger than ever, and that she knows she will never go back to the lifestyle of addiction.