The Heart of Texas Reach Out

Disclaimer*** I am not a writer. Far from it, actually. I am a finance major who is interning for Texas Reach Out Ministries, and am helping redesign their website. That being said, I wanted to tell a quick story on the blog so bear with me!

The last 9 weeks I have had the opportunity to intern for Texas Reach Out Ministries. Let me tell you, I learned a whole lot from the founders, David and Margie Pena. I am going to share some thoughts on them, and the ministry as a whole. First, David. 

hance david and margie.jpg

In April of this year, I had the opportunity to interview for my position (business marketing intern). I remember it like it was yesterday, we met at 1 pm in the afternoon in David's office at "For the City Center". We had one of the most genuine conversations that I have ever had. It wasn't your typical job interview. He asked about my heart and faith in Jesus. He wanted to get to know me as a person. It wasn't about my skills, degree, or GPA. It was all about my heart. After our hour and a half discussion (it felt like a discussion not an interview), he said one of the coolest things I have ever heard. He told me "It was great meeting with you. Please tell your parents they raised a really good kid, even though I had never met them." Are you kidding me? This may have been the nicest thing I have ever been told. And I took his advice, called my parents and told them his message. They were blown away by someone they had never met. Now, a few months later, I have a million more stories about David Pena that I could tell. But for the sake of your concentration, I will leave it alone and leave this as a short blog post. But do me a favor, meet him for yourself. Get to know the man that listened to God's calling like few of us do. 

Margarita Pena

I did not get to know Margie as quickly as David. David was technically my boss, so I spent the first week or so communicating with him about the ministry. I would casually talk to Margie as she entered the office, but we did not cross each others' paths besides these casual conversations. 

That changed the third week of my internship. I was in the office late one day cleaning up the mess that is my desk. Before leaving, Mrs. Pena came out to talk to me. I cannot remember exactly how the conversation started, but before I knew it we were both telling each other out stories of how Jesus had transformed us. This conversation showed me her heart. A heart that has allowed this ministry to grow in Christ. 

One of my favorite lines that I have heard David use is that Margie is his own personal holy spirit at his home. She helps guide him to follow Christ every day. Working for the two of them nine weeks, that is so apparent. They love each other the way Christ asks us to love. 

David and Margie. They are a team. Individually, they are incredible people. Together, they are an incredible team that make up the heart of Texas Reach Out Ministries. 

Take some time to have a single conversation with David and Margie. You'll understand why afterwards. 

Posted on August 1, 2016 .