Gods Vision for Texas Reach Out Ministries

Thirty years ago, David Peña found God in prison. Or, as he puts it, "God found me."
Once leaving, he realized how a prison sentence haunts you. It was almost impossible to start fresh. Many left prison and went back to their former environments, usually ending up in prison again within three years. He dedicated himself to supporting others trying to do the same thing he did: trying to make a new life for themselves, led and renewed by Jesus Christ. 

The result of God's plan for David's life is Texas Reach Out Ministries. In our 19th year, we have gotten to serve over 2000 formerly incarcerated individuals and watch them step into new and abundant life after leaving our program. We are constantly learning new ways to support them in their journey. During February, we are fundraising with Amplify Austin to accomplish this goal. Amplify Austin is a month-long initiative where the community of Austin comes together to support local non-profits. 

Posted on February 20, 2019 .