David & Duane

David and Duane act like old friends. The two met when Duane was matched to be David’s mentor through Texas Reach Out. “Our relationship started off rocky,” says Duane, “but I think it’s really neat when you can grow to the place where we’re friends!”

The pair spent a lot of their time sharing meals and hanging out before Bible studies on Thursdays. “That is one of the best memories,” recalls David, “when finally the walls came down, and I was able to communicate and realize that he’s here to help me, and that I have someone who is a Christian brother.”

Duane says he is proud of David, who now has seven years sobriety. “Duane has seen me through my struggles. God does the work but sometimes it takes a physical body,” says David.

Duane says mentoring provides healing for two people; “I’m learning as much as he is.” “All of us have a responsibility for this guy and all the guys like him,” says Duane. “He’s loved by Christ and he needs followers of Christ to take him by the hand.” Duane is proud of David’s growth, and applauds his seven years of sobriety. He says that he holds David as as an example of what we can do even though we are not well equipped.