Sponsor a Bed

By sponsoring a bed, you reduce the costs associated with a resident's participation in the Texas Reach Out program. It costs $400 a month to be in the Texas Reach Out program plus a $30 weekly contribution for the house's groceries.

Sponsoring a bed helps reduce this financial burden, particularly as residents begin their job search and attempt to get back on their feet after an extended stay in prison.



Sponsor a House

While the cost of utilities, telephone services, and internet are included in the participants' $400 monthly fee, there are still many more expenses that can be alleviated by a house sponsor.

Sponsoring a house can cover anything from the cost of laundry detergent to maintenance expenses that the program pays for. This is a great option for a church or business. 



Recurring Donations

Recurring donations help us manage the ongoing costs of our operational expenses and maintenance expenses for existing homes.

A recurring donation is extremely valuable to our ministry because it gives us visibility into funding that helps us plan and implement programs with confidence.

To commit to a reoccurring donation, contact us about the details.  


One-Time Donations

A one-time donation is much appreciated and helps cover unexpected costs the program incurs and makes it possible for us to accomplish our goal of opening new homes.

Texas Reach Out has a current goal of opening 18 safe homes to house more than 100 men and women transitioning out of the justice system. 

If you'd like to make a one time donation, be sure to check out our newsletter and see what your donation is helping us to accomplish.  


Clothing and Goods

When participants are released from prison, we help satisfy their immediate needs such as clothing, food, and shelter.

We are grateful for any donations of men and women's clothing, bedding, towels, mattresses, used vehicles, necessary household items, and other in-kind donations.

Contact us to inquire about seasonal needs and donation locations. 


We value transparency and integrity. That is why we have no problem telling you!

Expenses 2014

Our income is either spent on current needs or saved for future investments in new homes.

We have three types of expenses; outside professional services (accountants), operations (salaries and office space rent), and facilities and equipment (maintenance and mortgages on the homes).

Our expenses in 2014 were mostly on maintaining our homes and paying mortgages.  

2014 Operating Expenses
Professional Services:
Facilities & Equipment:


$    6,000



We rely heavily on financial donations to operate. 2/3 of our income comes from donations while the remaining 1/3 comes from program income (monthly contributions by participants).

Your donations keep the cost of living low for our participants, help maintain our  homes, and allow Texas Reach Out to grow.

Texas Reach Out receives donations from individuals, churches, foundations and grants, and corporations. The breakdown of each is illustrated here with Individual Donations at 24%, Foundation Grants at 34%, Church Donations at 39%, and Corporate Donations at 3%.


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